Who or what is wavesculptor?

- Trev Miller

I'm a nearly-59 year old man, as I write, with a peculiarly diverse CV, which probably qualifies me for everything and nothing. My mother made our clothes and my dad made our furniture, all beautiful and unusual and very much taken for granted. I learned many hand skills and reading before even beginning primary school. My parents would not have a car or a TV, or spend money on vices. While still a teenager at school, I started making electronic equipment for friends with bands and model railways. I could have done better at advanced school exams - if I'd studied instead of reading and writing sci-fi books and modifying cars. I took some of my electronics to a company and asked if could I have a job. They gave me one, but not the one I applied for - a new, much better one - designing and prototyping equipment. Among other things, I helped design, build and test the systems measuring fuel-rod vibration on the english AGR nuclear reactors at the time, and still running! I studied part time and left the job because I didn't like the connections with the military and the other risks of nuclear. I got into Sheffield University to study physiology, chemistry and electronics with the intention of helping solve medical problems instead - on a Special dual-honours degree - lots of work compared to most other degrees. I got it - just - though I spent more time organising the horse-riding club than studying! By the end I was bored and tired of study, which I could see was just aimed at fitting students into a system, even then, run by the big drug companies, and not primarily contributing towards healthier lives for people. So I started and ran my own electronic repair company from home for a few years, which occasionally paid me many times better (in the 1980s) than anything I've tried since!.. but quite a bit of the proceeds I wasted on learning to fly light aeroplanes. But electronics moved rapidly downmarked and high-flying left me feeling overstressed rather than happy, so I deepened my links with personal development and agrarian communes - where I have to admit I disturbed some of the "hair-shirters" as we called them. I got to know some artists there and got a lot of support embarking on a new carreer as a sculptor. Between all this I have to also confess to having been involved in restoring several properties, for myself, friends and colleagues - from the home I grew-up in, to a Mayfair flat, to an ex-maltings Norfolk cottage, and one of the cute, white, chalet-like "dolls houses" in Dartington. Around year 2000 when I put wavesculptor.com on-line, my sculpting grew from shelf-size pieces to geometrical swimming-pools and funky flower-pots the size of houses. Where to draw the line? The swimming pools were in Spain where I lived for several years (one built for a well-known author), complete with reed-bed filtration (I was a pioneer) and solar PV tracking arrays to power them. The largest flower-pots-ever-made were for a butterfly-version of the Eden Project near London, that went bust and is still trying to recover ... and leaving me in a similar position. I've given-up on sculpting because it now seems that professional, creative community work can only be obtained if one revels in bureaucracy and has credentials from a prestigious art college. Although "Assemble" the collective who won the last Turner Prize with their creative renovations of housing in deprived areas have my respect. Meanwhile, I don't want to continue building lavish schemes like swimming pools for rich private clients, who are now the only ones with the money for such things, having fenced co-operative society out of their world. So with age and a spiritual path comes a certain humility - apart from in essays like this - and now I ride everywhere on a bicycle, spend half some days studying piano, write songs, grow vegetables, will probably be living in a van again ... and offer you the joys of compost toilets, as another little contribution to Saving the World. In an odd, creative way. Maybe sometime I'll post some pictures to illustrate this, but for now you can find some here creativedevon.ning.com/profile/TrevM... 26 April 2016, Dartington